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Direct Cellars Wine Club Review

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As mentioned in our Best Online Wine Clubs list, Direct Cellars Wine Club comes in second for the top wine clubs we have reviewed.

What We Like:

  1. Direct Cellars offers premium wines you can’t find in the store.
  2. Exclusivity, you have to have a referral to get into this club.
  3. Free shipping.
  4. Residual income opportunity as well as free wine.
  5. Money back guarantee.
  6. Explosive growth

What Need’s Improvement:

  1. No option to choose your wines.
  2. You receive two bottles of the same for red and white.
  3. More expensive than other clubs.

This is an in depth review of the wine club, but also the MLM side of the business.  Therefore, we have put together an interactive table of contents for easy navigation.  You can click on each item to be navigated to that section.

(Or scroll down and start from the beginning)

History of Direct Cellars Wine Club

Direct Cellars was founded in 2014 and has offices in Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, and Seattle.  The Direct Cellars Wine Club was founded on the premise of a premium quality wine that you cannot easily find, for a great price.  Direct Cellars has developed relationships with a number of high quality vineyards and wineries throughout the world to fuel what it has become today, a premium wine club at an affordable price.

In addition, Direct Cellars has chosen to promote their wine club through word of mouth marketing.  This means that people who are actively involved and want to share how great the Direct Cellars Wine Club is, can earn a residual income.

Direct Cellars Wine Club Review – Key Points

Let’s take a look at some of the key points of Direct Cellars before we dive into the details of our experience from start to finish.

  1. Direct Cellars sources premium wine throughout the world that you cannot easily find in stores.  They source their wine from places like France, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Chile, etc.
  2. Wines through the club are extremely hard to order elsewhere.  Whether that is online or in a store, the wines shipped to you are exclusive.
  3. Every wine Direct Cellars sends you comes with a satisfaction guarantee, if you don’t like it they will replace it for you with free shipping.
  4. Direct Cellars has an in-house team of wine tasters that hand select the wines that are shipped directly to your door.  Every wine selected is approved by their wine experts.
  5. Direct Cellars has turned into a full blown network marketing company.  They have incentivized members to promote the club by implementing a revenue sharing platform that allows members to get free wine, earn residual income, and earn fast start bonuses to members they personally enroll.  This has increased memberships by over 750% in the last 6 months!  (Jump to compensation plan)

Signing Up 

Signing up as a member of the Direct Cellars Wine Club was extremely easy.  The online interface is easy to use and guides you through the process within 5 minutes.  The only downfall of this is you have to have someone’s referral page or call their corporate office.  Since this is a referral based club, Direct Cellars protects its members by requiring that you use the original link that was given to you.

If you don’t have a link you can use this one and also receive your special offer:

Use this link:  www.directcellars.com/bowc

  1. Navigate to Direct Cellars homepage – www.directcellars.com/bowc
  2. Click on “Join”
  3. Choose your enrollment membership
  4. Choose your wines (We like the 2 red and 2 white option)
  5. Fill out your personal information and shipping information
  6. Fill out your billing information

The guide asks you what member you would like to enroll as; A customer, PWL or PWL Elite (see explanations of these below).  There are certain benefits of each member depending on what you want from the club and if you want to earn some residual income by referring it to your friends and family.

You also have the option to enroll as a customer and not have the potential to earn income by referring people.   If you do this, the wine is $20 more expensive, so if you plan to stay with the club for an extended period of time, it is still more favorable to enroll at the higher level.

The Wine

Our first shipment of wine from Direct Cellars came within a week of signing up, shipping included of course.  The box came with all the proper branding and all the necessary packaging to keep the wine safe.

The box comes with 4 wines – 2 reds and 2 whites.  The wines we received were from Portugal and Spain.  For both wines, we got two of the same.  I asked David about this and he was quick to get me an answer.  The Direct Cellars Wine Club is not just about tasting new, premium wines every month, but also sharing them with your friends and family.

By sending two of the same bottles, it allows you to enjoy one then give the other bottle to someone else.  This, at the same time, allows you to share how you came about this wine with the person you share it with.  It opens the door to share with them the Direct Cellars experience.  The club is about getting great wines shipped to your door, sharing with your close friends and family, and getting social.

The first box we received was superb to be frank.  It really shows that Direct Cellars takes care in the wine they choose and ship out to it’s members.  Their in house wine experts represent the wine club extremely well, ensuring that the members get only the best.  They have been tasting and selecting wine for over 15 years.

After our auto-ship was billed, we received the box within the week.

Direct Cellars Compensation Plan

If you want to receive a special offer from Best Online Wine Clubs, see the bottom of this post for instructions.

If you are interested in enjoying the wine club, as well as earning residual income by referring friends and family, then you will want to enroll as a Premium Wine Lover or Premium Wine Lover Elite member with Direct Cellars.  This will not only give you a discount on your monthly wine cost, but also allow you to earn income by referring people to the wine club.

The possibility to earn residual income through Direct Cellars, while receiving premium wine is what really sets this wine club apart from its competitors.  It basically became a full blown network marketing company.

Throughout the world, there are approximately 50 million network marketing distributors.

Direct Cellars also just rolled out a program where when you personally enroll 3 customers or members, your monthly auto ship of wine is paid for completely!  No other wine club in the country is offering this type of benefit.

Here’s a snapshot of the compensation plan:

direct cellars wine club compensation plan


Direct Cellars Ranks

The company has 9 ranks, ranging from Wine Enthusiast to Master Cellar.  You can see the full list in the image below.  To qualify for commissions, you must have at least 2 personally enrolled PWL (Premium Wine Lover) or PWL Elite members.

In many cases, your sponsor or their sponsor will enroll people that will go under you, building your total business volume (BV) up throughout the month.  If you have a lot of BV built up, but no personally enrolled members, you aren’t able to earn commission, which is why it’s important to share the opportunity with your friends and family.

Direct Cellars Earnings – How to Earn Commissions

Now that we’ve laid out the overall compensation plan for Direct Cellars, let’s go into exactly how to earn residual and retail income by sharing this wine club with people.

Retail Commissions

Let’s start with the simple one first, retail commissions with Direct Cellars.

If you are enrolled as either a PWL or PWL Elite, every time you enroll a customer you earn a $20 fast start bonus.

On top of this, you will earn a percentage of their total business volume (BV).  The percentage earned depends on your current rank with the company.  For instance, a Wine Enthusiast will earn 6% of the total BV while a Master Cellar earns 20%.  Becoming a Master Cellars requires 9 personally enrolled PWL or PWL Elite members.

Remember, if you enroll 3 customers, you still get your autoship paid for!

Residual Commissions

This is where you can make the most of Direct Cellar’s compensation plan.  By referring the wine club to people who enroll as either a PWL or PWL Elite, you have the potential to earn residual income every month as well as a fast start bonus.  To qualify for the fast start bonus, all you need to do is enroll as a PWL or PWL Elite.

  1. Each PWL Elite you enroll you earn a $250 fast start bonus.
  2. Each PWL you enroll you earn a $125 fast start bonus.

To qualify for the residual commission, you need to enroll at least 2 PWL’s or PWL Elites.  Once you complete that, you will start earning a percentage of your organization’s total Business Volume (see chart below).


If you enroll 2 PWL’s, and your weekly BV was 1000, you would be paid 6% of that amount.

6% * 1000 BV = $60 commission check.

If you become a Master Cellar and your BV was 1000, your commission rate is 20%.

20% * 1000 BV = $200 commission check!  Not bad for just sharing Direct Cellars with your friends and family.


direct cellars pwl sheet wine club

Check Match Bonus

Direct Cellars offers a check match bonus as well, allowing you to increase your earnings even more.

This is a matching bonus on your personally enrolled members that earn a commission.  The check match bonus pays 4 levels deep, however, you need to have the appropriate rank to get paid through that level.

(See the chart below for the full layout) 


direct cellars wine club check match

Direct Cellars Wine Club Exclusive Offer


Are you thinking about joining?  Well take action now because Best Online Wine Clubs is running a special offer for anyone who signs up through our links as a Premium Wine Lover or Premium Wine Lover Elite member.  In order to receive this offer, please call or email us at the number and address below:

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This is a limited time offer so don’t wait too long!  Here’s how to receive your special offer:

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Step 2.  Email us at bestonlinewineclubs@gmail.com your member number and receipt confirmation from Direct Cellars.

Step 3.  We will send you your special offer after we have confirmed your purchase within 3 business days.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this limited time promotion, please email us at support@bestonlinewineclubs.com.  We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Direct Cellars is a fast growing company! The faster you get started the sooner you will make money by sharing this club with friends and family.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be apart of such a fast growing company, but also receive your special offer!

Join now and start getting wine and getting social.  Don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

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Direct Cellars – Traffic 

Although Direct Cellars has been around since 2014, it hasn’t gained a lot of online traction until now.  They recently made the transition into a full blown network marketing company.  This has resulted in a complete shift in searches related to the company in Google.

direct cellars online search

From June 2016 to July 2016, searches for the company went up over 550%.  If you are wondering if the company has any momentum, it’s pretty clear that it is just starting.

We will continue to update these results every month.  However, don’t wait too long to get in if you are thinking about it, Direct Cellars has extreme momentum right now and when you combine that with word of mouth marketing, it can take off.

9/5/2016 update:

On September 2nd, 2016, Direct Cellars announced a press release regarding their double digit growth.  Direct Cellars has over 1,500 members now and it is growing by the hundreds every week.

David DiStefano attributes this growth to the company’s excellent customer service, the quality of wine, and most importantly the new strategy on marketing.  Direct Cellars took years to get to 200 members, now with the ability to earn money by sharing the wine club experience, members are truly seeing the benefit of this club and it is taking off.

The company has enjoyed a high retention rate of over 90%, due to its high quality wine, no fuss enrollment process, and now its new marketing strategy.

You can read the full article at Benzinga.

Click here to see the Direct Cellars homepage and join!

You can also contact us here through our contact form with any questions.

List of Our Ranked Wine Clubs

  1. Winc
  2. Direct Cellars
  3. Tasting Room


  1. Thank you for the gift card! Signing up was easy I got the gift card within a week. Wine arrived also and its awesome!

    How do I change my red/white ratio preferences with Direct Cellars?

  2. Tony,

    Great question and thanks for signing up! Direct Cellars has been an awesome experience and we have really enjoyed the wine.

    If you want to change your order or preferences, login to your back office with your ID number and password, then go to “Shopping” tab. Then go to MAP manager. There you can either change your preferences, skip your next auto ship, or order extra shipments.


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