Top 10 Best Online Wine Clubs – Complete Wine Club Guide

When it comes to finding the best online wine club, it can be a long drawn out process with a lot of trial and error.  That’s why Best Online Wine Clubs has compiled a list of the best wine clubs online with prices, pros and cons, descriptions and pictures.

When you are trying to find an online wine club, it can be an overwhelming endeavor due to the unlimited options.  The things we have considered when making this list were: shipping prices, flexibility, money back guarantee, customer service, quality, price, product mix, ability to purchase or select specific wines, and overall experience.

From our experience with the mentioned wine clubs, the betters ones that made this list were the wine clubs that had great relationships with wineries and vineyards.  They sourced the best wines for the best price and bundled that up with sharp marketing material, tasting notes to educate the members and great branding.  On top of that, these clubs have outstanding customer service, and easy to use interface and ordering process, as well as free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee.

Best Wine Club Attributes

Here are some things to consider when looking at a wine club:

  • Price and Quality
  • Flexibility with Orders and Variations
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Product Mix and Regions
  • Customer Service
  • Online Interface

This market is very competitive, wine clubs were typically a thing you did locally at your nearby winery (if there was even one near you). Now, many companies, with the advances in technology and logistics have made it affordable to take this space completely online.  Not only have these advances made shipping and logistics easier, it has also allowed wine clubs to source the best wine for the cheapest price, making it an extremely competitive market overall.

If you are in a wine club that doesn’t include most of these perks, you should be taking a serious look at making a change to one of the below clubs.

If you want a quick overview of the list, here is the table of contents.  Each link will take you to a brief overview of that online wine club, or you can scroll through the entire list if you wish!

Wine Club Table of Contents

  1. Winc Wine Club
  2. Wine of the Month Club
  3. Gold Medal Wine Club
  4. Direct Cellars
  5. Tasting Room by Lot 18
  6. Global Wine Cellars | New York Times Wine Club
  7. WSJ Wine Club
  8. The California Wine Club
  9. Cellars Wine Club
  10. Plonk Wine Club

The wine clubs you see below are truly considered what we see as the best online wine clubs out there.  See each wine club review for more detail and depth on the company.

Best Wine Club List 

#1 – Winc


winc online wine club

What it Costs:  $52 for 4 bottles of wine and complimentary shipping.

What You Receive:  4 bottles of hand selected wines matched with your taste preferences.


Winc, formerly known as Club W, has been around since 2012.  Winc wine club was founded in Denver then moved their headquarters to Los Angeles, CA.  It has been featured in WSJ, Business Insider, Forbes and many others.

Winc ranks number one for us for many reasons, but the main reason is price and quality.  These guys know what they are doing and have created an exceptional price point for the quality of wine they send.  When you make your selections from this wine club, you have the guarantee that you will be sampling the best wines available, and many of their selections are not available in any common retail setting.

The other reason their quality is superior to other wine clubs is due to the fact that Winc makes all of its own wine.  Which means, they get to have complete control over their ingredients, processes, and ultimately final product.  This also allows them to offer premium wine for a fraction of the cost.

Winc $20 Off Your First Order

The exciting thing about Winc is that they have a quick quiz at the start of your order to pinpoint your likes and dislikes, ultimately allowing them to send you wine you will enjoy. When you start this quiz, you are asked questions that will help WINC select a wine based on top, middle, and base notes that will appeal to your particular tastes and preferences. This is a great tool to ensure that you are consistently going to get a bottle of wine you’ll love.  That along with their satisfaction guarantee, great price point and excellent customer service, they end up in the #1 spot as the best online wine club.

Key Points

  1. Average price of $13 a bottle.
  2. Free shipping on 4 or more bottles.
  3. Satisfaction guarantee.
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#2 – The Wine of the Month Club


wine of the month club

What it Costs:  Starts at $59 for packages.

What You Receive:  Minimum order is 2 bottles of selected wine.


This online wine club has been around for quite some time and is one of the great contenders. Like the other wine clubs, they offer different options for your wine drinking enjoyment.  You can decide to have your wine shipped monthly or every other month, and choose from a three, six, or twelve-month subscription, not to mention their Wine of the Season Club which provides new offerings in the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall and are shipped every third month.  You also have the option of ordering two bottles of red, two bottles of white, or one bottle of each when you subscribe to this wine club.   The price points for this club are pretty great as well.  Prices start at $59.95 per month for two bottles of premium wine.    This wine club specializes in seeking out the smaller unique wineries and making their best selections available to their customers before any of the competitors in the wine club market.

Hand Picked Wines straight to Your Door- Exclusive member discounts

The bonuses you get when you decide to join this wine club are pretty fantastic.  With each one of your shipments, you get a Wine Lovers wine club newsletter, and if the subscription to this online wine club is a gift, you get a free Gift Announcement with the shipments.  A great feature of this club is their free shipping, which will keep a little of your cash in your pocket.  The Wine of the Month Wine Club also offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Key Points

  1. The original wine club since 1972.
  2. Easy to purchase single bottles at a huge discount.
  3. Paul personalizes the experience with videos on tasting and general information.
  4. Tons of gift options.
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#3 – Gold Medal Wine Club


gold medal wine club review

What it Costs:  Starts at $37 for packages.

What You Receive:  2 bottles of hand selected wine.


Gold Medal Wine Club is a club that has been on the scene since the early 1990s and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. This is a unique online wine club that uses slightly different criteria for finding the best wines possible for their clientele, both new and established return customers. While they don’t offer a taste profile questionnaire as some online wine clubs do to help you find your taste profile, they do offer extensive research and have extremely high standards when they are selecting the wines they make available to their patrons. This wine club often chooses only award winning, notable wines from excellent vineyards for your enjoyment.  More often than not, none of the wines you find here are available in the retail market; the only place you can get them is through Gold Medal Wine Club.

There are several levels of membership to choose from, beginning with a simple package of enjoyable, uncomplicated sipping wine and rising all the way up to the top level which includes two bottles of rare, world class award winning wines for your enjoyment.  The highest level of membership, the Diamond Level, is limited to only 500 members to ensure that the demand for the worlds best wines can be met by this wine club. The top three levels of this wine club offer a special bonus to the club members in that you can opt in to receive one very special vintage along with your regular shipment-this option is not offered to the lower echelon members, unfortunately.

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You have your choice of monthly, every other month, or quarterly shipments with this wine club. Unfortunately, shipping is not free, which is a downside to many people.  The silver lining to this is that you do save a fairly substantial dollar by ordering your wines through this wine club, so the small amount you wind up having to pay for shipping may make up for that. You can choose to mix reds with whites (where the option is available; not all the club levels offer an option, and this could be seen as another downside) or just reds or just whites. Shipping quantities seem to top out at three bottles, so if you are looking for a cost effective case lot quantity wine club, you may find yourself looking elsewhere. Returns are hassle free for this wine club.

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#4 – Direct Cellars


best online wine clubs direct cellars

What it Costs:  $80 with free shipping.

What You Receive:  4 bottles of premium wines that cannot be found in stores.


This club is a bit steeper on price, but the quality of wine is outstanding, not to mention free shipping with every order.  Direct Cellars started in 2014 with offices in Chicago, Seattle, and Fort Lauderdale.  They started growing fast and decided to market their product word of mouth, creating a full blown network marketing company.

This is a little more of an exclusive online community, but the membership has the reward of being able to mix and mingle with like minded individuals who share a common love of the grape. With this wine club you may be looking at some slightly pricier options for the wine, but you also have the perks of getting a more superior product than what the other online wine clubs might be offering to their members. Your average price point starts out at about $50.00 per month for two bottles of premium wine, $100.00 per month for four bottles of premium wine, or enroll as a Premium Wine Lover and get four bottles for $80.00.  These wines come with some of the best point ratings by the experts.  Although you don’t get the benefit of going through a palate quiz like Winc, you get the benefits of tasting new wines each month hand selected by their experts.  These wines are sourced all throughout the world and aren’t easy to come by.

Direct cellars wine club

This wine club offers a full money back guarantee if you are ever unhappy with the products you receive, and the shipping is always free. If there is a slight downside to this wine club, once your start your subscription you have to remember to contact them directly to stop or change your shipment selections because you cannot opt for a one time or fixed term kind of members You also have the opportunity to purchase any bottle you like at wholesale prices.  Although they didn’t land in the #1 spot for best online wine clubs, they are right up there.  Your shipments will continue and you will be billed for every shipment as it was when you sign up.

Key Points

  1. Average price of $20 a bottle.
  2. Their wine experts choose new wines for you every month.
  3. Always free shipping.
  4. Opportunity to earn residual income by sharing the club with friends and family.
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#5 – Tasting Room by Lot 18


best online wine clubs tasting room

What it Costs:  $10 for your first tasting kit!

What You Receive:  6 mini bottles of wine.


Tasting Room by Lot 18 is a great option for people who don’t want full bottles sent to them, and want to try a number of different wines. Like a couple of their competitors, they do provide an online taste profile section to make sure you are getting the wines that most closely mirror your current preferences.

The first shipment is six small bottles that you get to rate and review.  This saves the hassle of guessing and then finding out that you’re stuck with a bunch of wine you don’t like after all.   After that they will send you a case of 12 bottles that match the taste profile you filled out when you joined the club. You’ll receive two of each kind for a deeply discounted price, often as much as half off the retail price.  Imagine it- you can be paying as little as $13.00 per bottle for some really great wine.   You can cancel at anytime and of course there is a satisfactory guarantee.

After you receive the case of wine, they will then send you another case 3 months later at full price.  Tasting Room has done a great job of allowing people to sample wines then purchase the ones they like.  This prevents you from having to purchase full bottles only to find out you may not like that particular wine.

Key Points

  1. Complete a quick taste profile to help match you with the best wines.
  2. Try the first order for only $10.
  3. First order is mini bottles so you can try a number of different wines for cheaper.
  4. Tasting Room continually improves their selections for you over time.
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#6 – Global Wine Cellars | New York Times Wine Club


new york times wine club

What it Costs: $90 or $180 for 6 bottles of wine depending on the quality.

What You Receive: 6 bottles of wine shipped every 1, 2 or 3 months.


Global Wine Cellars has been a trusted name in the wine club community since its inception.  Recently, it’s just become better. Global Wine Cellars has re-branded as New York Times Wine Club. With this great pairing, your membership will bring you some great advantages.

You can choose between two types of memberships with this wine club. Your choices are either The Sampler package $90.00 per shipment or The Reserve package for $180.00 per shipment.  With the Sampler, you get a great selection of six wines chosen for everyday enjoyment. With the Reserve package, you’ll find a grouping of six more sophisticated wines for your special occasions, or for cellaring.  This wine club offers a delivery option of one, two, or three-month shipping intervals.   The downside is shipping is not free for this particular online wine club.  There is a ten percent discount for members when you choose this wine club for your needs.

New York Times Wine Club personally chooses the great wines for you only based on your choice of a combination red and white wines, or red only. Unfortunately, for the white wine lovers, they don’t seem to offer an option for white wine only. However, they are pretty particular about the wines they choose for their wine club, so you can count on a quality product each and every time you order from this wine club.  The New York Times Wine Club also offers a money back guarantee in the unlikely event you are not satisfied.

Key Points

  1. Straight forward options, Time Sampler or Times Reserve.
  2. Each membership comes with 6 bottles of wine.
  3. Times Samplers averages $15 a bottle.
  4. Times Reserve averages $30 a bottle.
  5. 10% off all wine store purchases with membership.
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#7 – WSJ Wine Club


wall street journal wine club

One of the online wine clubs with the greatest longevity would have to be WSJ Wine Club, with origins dating back to 1969.  The focus then was great selection, value, and integrity and that has not changed over the years.

When you subscribe to this wine club, you get five star, VIP treatment.  Offerings include great everyday wines as well as hard to find and new up and coming stellar wines, some from small and very select private vineyards.

The choices when you subscribe to this online wine club are amazing, high quality selections that you’ll come to savor again and again. The prices are exceptional, with an introductory offer that is unmatched with other online wine clubs.   For this wine club, you have a choice of two memberships:  When you join at the Discovery level, for only $69.99 you’ll get an assortment of 15 world class wines delivered to your home or office. After the introductory offer, your regular price per case is $149.99 for 15 bottles-an amazing deal no matter how you look at it.   When you join at the Premiere level, you get a case of twelve bottles of world class wine for $239.99 and some very unique special offers which will vary from month to month.  With both levels of membership in this wine club, you have the option of choosing only red wine, only white wine, or a mix of both.

Shipping times vary from five to ten days, depending on the state you reside in WSJ Wine Club does not offer free shipping, but with the money you save on the price of the product you’re getting with your order, there is still massive value to be had here.  The savings alone make this wine club one of the leaders, if not THE leader in online wine clubs.  WSJ Wine Club also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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#8 – The California Wine Club


california wine club online

Another great little online wine club that has withstood the test of time is The California Wine Club.  This club was begun in 1990 and has carried on a tradition of great customer service, value, and selection since that time.

Like many of the other online wine clubs, The California Wine Club seeks out and obtains product from small, family owned wineries which provide you with some great little discoveries.  Many of the wines they offer cannot be found in any regular retail market.

With this wine club you have a choice to make among five different memberships.  All of them offer the option of delivery intervals of every month, every other month, or quarterly.  You also have the option of choosing only red, only white, or a mix of both.  Prices increase with every level of membership you step up, as do the varietal and selection of vineyards of your wine. The Premiere membership is the entry level choice for this wine club with prices starting at $39.95 per month (or per shipment, if you are choosing something other than monthly).  With top of the line Aged Cabernet Series, the price tops out at at $235.00, which is an amazing price for the one thing that does not change is the quality and value of the product you’ve chosen.  For new members, there is an introductory offer for ground shipping for only one dollar.  Shipping prices for future orders for members will depend on which state you are ordering from.

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 #9 – Cellars Wine Club

One of the best online wine clubs to be found in the Seattle area would have to the renowned Cellars Wine Club.  Boasting both an online wine club as well as a retail operation, Cellars has been in business for the past seventeen years, and has been steadily building a strong fan base.  With lots of options, superb customer service, and an unparalleled selection of great vintages, its easy to see why.  Expect hassle free returns, free shipping, variable start dates, options on shipped quantities, and easy cancellation when (if) you decide to leave the club. No contracts, no problem.  The other feature that is a serious bonus for this wine club is that you can join at any level you choose, and can switch to any other level at any time; if you decide you don’t like your West Coast package any longer, you can switch to any other package of your choosing with a push of a button. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this outstanding wine club.

This wine club happens to have the most varied menu of product options to choose from which is what makes Cellars Wine Club such a contender in the world of wine clubs.  You can begin your membership in this wine club with one, two, or three bottles per shipment, or opt for a whole case to be shipped to you.  Levels of the different varieties of wine for this club begin with the simple tasting wines, and range right up to the very high end special vintages and hard to find products. Cellar Wine Club also offers specialty packages; you can opt for ordering a selection of Sweet White Wine, Sparkling Wine, or vintages exclusively from Washington or the West Coast only.   The case lot wine club features four different packages ranging from selections from local wineries, to international vineyards, to West Coast only vintages, to the incredible Connoisseurs package which features great wines from world renowned vineyards.  You always have the option to choose all red wine, all white wine, or a combination of both for your shipment.


#10 – Plonk Wine Club


plonk online wine club best

For the Wine Connoisseur who would like to try something a little different in the world of online wine clubs, try Plonk Wine Club.  Plonk specializes in bringing the world a unique blend of small batch and artisanal wines you will not find anywhere else.  They scour the corners of the globe to bring you unique and interesting wines that will surprise and please again and again. They pride themselves on selecting the best available for their consumers.

This wine club offers some of the most diverse choices out there for your enjoyment.  There are several different levels, shipment intervals, and wine choices you can make when you choose this online wine club.  The prices begin at a very modest 49.99 per shipment, beginning with two bottles per month and allowing you to choose as many as twelve bottles per month, with the base prices changing depending on the amount you choose for your membership plan.  Your delivery interval subscription begins with one month, all the way up to a full twelve-month subscription.  The great thing about Plonk, is the cost for shipping is included in the price of your package selections, so you never have to worry about adding on the extra shipping costs.  The other cool thing about this wine club is the freebies they occasionally offer along with their product.  Plonk also offers a money back satisfaction guarantee for their product.

The options available for the variety of wine you choose to enjoy from this wine club include the Curated selection, which is a mix of red and white wine, or a grouping of only red wine or only white wine. When you decide to venture into the realm of the Grape Variety selections, you can choose from Pinots, Cabernets, and Sauvignon Blancs.

If you want to see something added to this list or want to vote your opinion, leave a comment!  We gladly welcome feedback.

Best Online Wine Clubs is always adding great wine clubs to our list.  Our goal is to provide our readers with reviews of the most popular wine clubs found online.  If you have suggestions, comments or questions, please get in touch with us through our contact form.


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